In order to ensure the stability and professionalism of the Mloun service, we have set some restrictions. Some restrictions seem to be very strict, but this ensures that we provide you with a safe, effective and credible service environment.

Website and FTP usage restrictions:
We do not allow the following content to be published on Mloun servers
– Pornography, lottery, gambling, drugs, Trojan horses, hackers, viruses, scams, private servers, plug-ins, adult products, movie websites, gay websites, massage saunas, weapons, game currency, invoices, online earning, phishing websites, QQ accounts, Beauty pictures and other content or related content
– Illegal content (including content that infringes copyright)
-Copying or plagiarizing other websites, collecting copyrighted content
-Run IRC, IRC bots, Proxy (proxy) programs
– Others that Mloun believes to be inappropriate for public dissemination or that dissemination infringes the rights of others
For users who publish the above content on the website, Mloun will contact you, and you will have the opportunity to delete the content. Once deleted, we will continue to provide services to you. If you refuse to delete, your account will be suspended, frozen, or deleted without refund.

Mloun’s services are not allowed to be used to store programs, images, or other use for the purpose of reducing the workload of another server (for example, as an external link space), and the services must not be used to provide file storage or download sites. For users who use excessive CPU and memory resources, Mloun has the right to suspend the account to ensure the normal service of other customers.
The definition of excessive CPU and memory usage is that the system resources occupied by users for a long time affect the normal use of other customers. We will not treat the short-term burst of your website as using too much system resources.

Email restrictions:
Mloun does not allow users to use the server to send spam. Once it is discovered that you have committed such behavior, your account will be suspended, frozen, or deleted without refund. Mloun does not allow you to use shared hosting services to provide free or paid e-mail services to the public. This clause is also applicable to distributor accounts, and distributors are obliged to cooperate with Mloun’s investigation of spam sending. (Note: All servers of Mloun Mloun have a limit of 200 emails per account per day.)

illegal behavior:
If the user is found to have performed illegal actions in the system, including but not limited to disrupting system operation, attempting to change system configuration or disrupting system security, running programs, processes that affect website servers, credit card fraud, etc., the account will be suspended, frozen, or Delete without refund.

Denial of service:
Mloun has the right to refuse to provide services to a user, regardless of whether the user has newly purchased the service or is currently using the service. Mloun reserves this right to ensure that we can provide a safe, effective and credible service environment for the vast majority of users.