Mloun has a zero tolerance policy for spammers. We will cancel your account, and if we determine that you have been sending spam, we will not refund your money. In order to ensure the interests of all users, we work very hard to ensure our reputation as an email sender. If you know or suspect any violation of our policies, please send an email to to notify us. Who is the spammer? In Mloun, we define spammers as the following users: Send emails that result in invalid addresses (hard jumps), usually when sent to lists that have been more than one year old When sending emails that cause the amount of spam to exceed acceptable levels, use a purchased or rented email list. Use a third-party email address, domain name or mail server without proper permission. Use another website or service list you own, or even The list from another Mloun account sent emails to non-specific addresses (for example, or failed to include a valid “unsubscribe” link in each email, the link Allow recipients to delete themselves from the mailing list and fail to comply with any recipient’s request to remove them from the mailing list within 10 days of receiving the request. Failure to include its valid actuals in each email Prohibited content from the sending address In order to avoid interruption, questioning or inappropriate content, the following types of content are not accepted: Drugs or illegal products Drugs (legal drugs) Clickbait content (ie: tips for getting rich in one night) ; The secret to losing weight faster; fascinating content and misleading information) Multi-level marketing offensive views of others in terms of skin color, sexual orientation, gender, political orientation, religious beliefs or age. Gambling Malware or adware Adult content Prostitution services If you are spam: Each situation is unique and will be dealt with promptly. We will suspend your sending We may cancel your account We will refuse a refund